Ernestine Scott, President

It’s 2017 and we are moving into the “New Year” with renewed anticipation and motivation to reach our goals both professional and personal. As we reflect over the past year, let’s celebrate our successes and affirm to work harder to reach the finish line. I’m very excited to begin my term as president of VAFEPA. I’ve done this work before and I know from experience that any measure of success will require all of us to work together. There is much to be done as we begin to unravel the details of implementing federal programs under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). As we learn more, we will need to share best practices with our colleagues across the state. Let’s start, by reaffirming our purpose and our role as VAFEPA members.  Our mission defines our work. My goal is to help focus our priorities and use our collective knowledge and resources to improve teaching and learning for children.  Although, we will have new opportunities and challenges, we need to direct our efforts towards initiatives that will promote implementing high quality federal programs for students.  I’m asking you to join me with a stronger commitment to share ideas, promote professional learning and inclusion and embrace initiatives that advance our mission. 


The primary goals of VAFEPA are:

  • to support schools and division administrators in the implementation of federal education programs that effectively supplement local and state education programs to close the achievement gap between children who are advantaged and children who are economically disadvantaged, children from major racial/ethic groups, children with disabilities, children classified as limited English proficient, and other subgroups such as migratory and homeless students;

  • to provide opportunities to promote effective teaching and learning;

  • to increase student achievement through cross-program coordination and integration of services and activities; and

  • to assist division administrators in interpreting and implementing student achievement through cross-program coordination, integration of services and activities as related to the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) as amended by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

President's Message

Ernestine Scott, President

Richmond City Public Schools 

Malora Horn, President Elect

Roanoke City Public Schools 


Gail Jones, Past President

Henrico County Public Schools 

Valdivia Hall, Secretary

Halifax County Public Schools


Carl McDaniel, Treasurer

Roanoke City Public Schools



Raye Rector, Region 1

Goochland County Public Schools

Vacant, Region I

Carolyn Taylor, Region II

Suffolk Public Schools

Laura Burton, Region II

York County Public Schools

Lori Harper, Region III

Essex County Public Schools

Vacant, Region III


Kathi Sheffel, Region IV

Fairfax County Public Schools

Megan Moore, Region IV

Manassas City Schools

Marymargaret Cardwell, Region V

Amherst County Public Schools

Sandra McKenzie, Region V

Nelson County Public Schools

Diane Washenberger, Region VI

Salem City Public Schools

Vacant, Region VI

Jennifer Hurt, Region VII

Bristol Public Schools

Vacant, Region VII

Pam Eakes, Region VIII

Halifax County Public Schools

Chip Jones, Region VIII

Cumberland County Public Schools

Pat Popp, VDOE

Gabie Frazier, VDOE

Wilbert Ware, Retired


Regional Map



The purposes of VAFEPA are:
  • to promote and facilitate communication and collaboration among federal education administrators throughout the state;
  • to provide opportunities for federal education administrators to discuss, propose, and take action on matters of common concern;
  • to share ideas and information regarding current scientifically-based research;
  • to promote opportunities for professional growth for all persons involved in federal education programs; and
  • to inform professional associates, policy-making bodies, and local citizens about legislative needs and actions related to federal education programs.