Broadband access limits remote learning‚Äč

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State school report cards need more data on equity, but grades have become more meaningful and comprehensible, according to the Data Quality Campaign's fourth "Show Me the Data" report. Among the report's findings, four more states, for a total of 43, now provide student growth data, but 25 states do not provide complete details on teachers' credentials

Deadline nears for schools to spend CARES Act funds

A nationally representative poll conducted over the summer by professors from Brown and Northwestern Universities finds that large majorities of respondents support all schools teaching about the history of racism in America, and that adding the condition of parental consent had very little impact on their responses. Although support polarized along party and racial lines--Black respondents 88% vs white respondents 82% and Democrats over 90% vs Republicans 56%--no group showed a level of support under 50%. [The 74 Million]

Money for education included in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act must be spent by Dec. 30. Superintendents in Maine say the deadline has been challenging, adding it's unclear how they'll continue to fund new hires added to help reopen schools safely.

Report: State school report cards offer better insight

Dozens of school districts in 20 states are now seeing declines in public-school enrollment, following what had been, according to federal data, a steady increase in enrollment over 15 years. Chris Reykdal, superintendent of public instruction in Washington state, which reports a 2.82% decline in enrollment statewide and 14% decline in kindergarten, attributes the decrease to the coronavirus pandemic

Report: 60% of students to attend in-person school

Enrollment Is Dropping In Public Schools Around the Country

Majority of Americans Support Teaching About the History of U.S. Racism, With or Without Parental Consent

Chiefs for Change released a report Wednesday calling for the federal government to invest in universal broadband internet. A recent survey from EdWeek Research Center finds that 11% of district leaders say all students have sufficient access to remote learning, and more than two-thirds of respondents report needing government funds to improve access.
Roughly 60% of students in the US are estimated to have access to some in-person instruction by early next month -- up from 38% on Labor Day -- according to a report from Burbio. The data, culled from school websites and other online resources, estimates that nearly 38% of students will attend all-virtual schools, and about 35% will attend schools offering all in-person instruction, with the rest following a hybrid schedule.